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What can we expect after our session?

  • After our session, a sneak peak will be posted on Facebook within 2-4 days. Sessions will be readily available after 2-3 weeks, weddings will be readily available after 6-9 weeks. You will receive a link to an online gallery of your edited images that can be used for sharing, downloading + printing.

What location would work best?

  • Once we talk about your session we can discuss a few options that would be fitting for what the session may entail. I have a list of locations I will suggest but I’m also open for what you may have in mind, that’s the great thing about living in San Diego, we have so many beautiful options!
  • Also keep in mind there is a lot of factors to consider when choosing a location, if the park/facility charges a fee, the time of year (crowds, cold, etc..), so most of my choices will be the most fitting to create the best pictures for you.

what time of day is best to book our session?

  • My favorite time to shoot is in the evening about 1-2 hours before sunset.  Shooting during the early afternoon/times when the sun is highest in the sky will create harsh shadows on the face and body so I always suggest booking a time around 1-2 hours prior to sunset, depending on the location.

How should we prepare for our session with you?

  • What to wear: Wear clothing that will compliment your scenery for a more cohesive look. Avoid big prints, loud colors, logos or words on the outfit. Do wear layers and accessories to complete your look. Soft colors (pastels) tend to photograph beautifully.
  • Stuck between 2 looks, or wanting to try something different but also want to wear something more “safe”? Then bring a couple outfits to your session, as long as time permits outfit changes are no problem, just be sure you wear something your comfortable in.
  • Plan outfits to coordinate with each other more so than trying to perfectly match (such as using a mix of similar tones & textures vs everyone wearing white t-shirts).
  • For ladies, I suggest getting your make-up and/or hair done, feeling good will translate into your photos.
  • Be sure to arrive on time, your session is scheduled in accordance to where is the sun is (which tends to be 1-2 hours before sunset) so it is important to arrive on time so we don’t miss out on any lovely lighting.
  • Remember to relax:)   Keep in mind why you are photographing this moment and let that emotion come through. How you feel will translate into your photos so just remember to have fun and enjoy this moment!

Do you offer mini sessions?

  • I do offer mini sessions periodically for San Diego + Massachusetts locations. Best way to stay informed is by liking my facebook page.

Does it matter where I get my prints?

  • I always recommend using a pro photo lab for any prints, albums + canvases. You’ve invested your time, money + trust in your professional images, therefore you should have quality prints.   Ordering your prints through non-pro labs (especially such places where you buy food + prescriptions) will leave you with sub-par quality results that can cause your photos to look overly strong contrast, blurry, blown highlights, etc..
  • I offer prints for purchase through your online gallery that are processed through a professional lab for quality results.

Do you offer prints, albums or canvases?

  • Yes! Please contact me for a list of options +pricing.

I saw that you are from Massachusetts, do you ever travel there for sessions or weddings?

  • Yes, I try to plan 1-3 trips to Boston every year. I do offer limited sessions for the time frame I am in Mass and typically set up a day for mini sessions. Best way to stay informed of my travels is to like my facebook page.
  • Weddings are of course loved + welcomed! Lets chat!


Pricing  is subject to change without notice.  Session pricing will be locked in with the established rate at the time of booking.  Travel fees may apply. All pricing is subject to CA tax rate of 8% for any tangible goods and any packages that include tangible goods.